Frequently Asked Questions

What drives moving costs?

Household goods carriers are regulated by the government to meet specific insurance and business requirements. You often see very cheap movers on the internet, mainly in Craigslist ads. These "companies" can often move your item at a fraction of the cost because they are not paying regulation fees and insurance premiums that licensed movers are. These regulations are in place to protect the customers' possessions.

What is a Binding Estimate?

A Binding Estimate is truly the best choice when receiving a moving quote. This leaves no room for error on the mover's part when they come to survey the job. Non-Binding Estimates are much more of an "educated guess" in pricing a moving job and will have a much larger chance of the final price changing once your items are loaded on the truck.

How can I reduce costs on my move?

Any work you can do before the movers arrive will help speed up the job and save you money. Disassembling large items like computer desks or large tables, packing all loose items into boxes and making sure all electronics are unhooked and unplugged are just a few ways to reduce job time and in turn, reduce your costs.

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